Cake pricing is the number one issue I hear cake business owners have. Pricing your cakes properly is so important if you want to have a profitable business. If you’re stuck on your cake pricing and need help our new cake pricing calculator can help you.

The cake pricing calculator is an interactive excel spreadsheet that allows you to input your own recipes and costs and help you quickly price your cakes.  Includes a step by step video that demonstrates how to use the calculator and includes a step by step demonstration on adding your own recipes.

 You can input your cake costs, profit, hourly rate etc and the calculator will let you know what you need to charge.
 This calculator complements our cake pricing guide brilliantly so we’ve also introduced an cake pricing and pricing calculator bundle.  If you need help coming up with your hourly rate, profit rate and how to work out your expenses as well as general pricing advice then I would recommend purchasing the online pricing guide too.

Any questions just let me know

Nathalie x