Whether you’re a seasonal baker or have your own cake business, good baking cake tins will improve the finish of your cakes and bakes.  I’ve inherited a few tins along the way and also bought some and have found that actually the more you spend the better quality and longer they last.  It’s worth spending a little more on a small selection of good quality tins than buying lots of cheap tins.

Cake Tins, baking tins

When looking for new cake tins, make sure your tins feel solid and don’t feel like that they will bend or warp (when the tin changes shape or ‘pops’ in the oven) in the oven when they get hot.

I like the brand Silverwood for my cake tins, they bake well, wash well and don’t warp in the oven. Invicta tins and PME are also good.  And if you’re going for a ‘non brand’ tin, John Lewis tins (the pale silver ones) are very good. The tins I use are 3 inches tall and have a loose base.   You can either bake your cakes in two halves (if you have two cake tins) or you can bake your cake as one (this is the way I do it).

When it comes to cake tin liners and lining your tins you can either use baking paper or reusable cake liners.  You need to make sure that the cake liner or parchment paper rises above the top of your tin by about 1 inch to ensure that the cake doesn’t overflow.

And for cupcakes, I use muffin tins as these tend to be the best size, rather than cupcake tins as they tend to be much smaller.  If in doubt, take your cupcake cases to the shops with you to test the tins for size!

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