I just wanted to post update about upcoming classes, the business and the current Coronavirus outbreak.  Due to the situation unfortunately we have taken the difficult decision to postpone some upcoming classes. 

Th situation is constantly changing and we are reviewing the situation on a daily basis.  If you have booked a class in the near future, you will receive an email with updates.

It’s a hard and scary world health situation.  As a small business owner, a mother and a human in an already scary world this situation is a massive worry.  In a business sense, small businesses are terrified.  My business contributes to the financial well-being of my family, our tutors, The Village Haberdashery where I hold my classes and our suppliers.  The unknown of how long this situation will last is a huge concern.

If you can support us in any way, however small I would be ever so grateful.

Any questions please get in touch.  Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Nathalie x