The humble egg is probably one of the most versatile ingredients out there.  Can be eaten as so in omelettes, scrambled eggs or even poached and added to cakes, pies and biscuits to bind and essentially create a cake as we know it.

How Do I Like Eggs Cake


I get through so many of them baking as much as do and I’m always asked the same questions in classes – what size do you use? Room temperature or not? Do eggs need to be fresh? So here are some tips which hopefully answer those questions:

  • Always buy free range and make sure they have the little lion emblem on the box which means that they’re been treated nicely before reaching you
  • Eggs don’t need be fresh to bake with, in fact if they’re a little older they’re more liquid so easier to beat!
  • To test how ‘fresh’ an egg is crack it onto a small plate.  The yolk of a fresh egg will sit proud and the white is firm with a little liquid around the edge.  A slightly older egg will have a less pert yolk and the white will be more liquid
  • Always ensure your eggs are at room temperature before using to prevent your cake mixture from curdling
  • Too many eggs? Freeze them! Beat your eggs well with a pinch of salt and pop them into an airtight container in the freezer.  Defrost them before using and sieve them to make sure there are no lumps or egg shells
  • Medium or large eggs?  Generally they vary by supermarket and supplier but if in doubt I always use large.   However, if a recipe asks for medium eggs (and you have large) just beat your eggs and measure out 50g mixture for every medium egg required.  Add 5g if you require a large egg if only have medium eggs!
  • Egg free cakes? It’s hard to find a perfect substitute for eggs in baking as they act as an emulsifier and create the texture of the cake.  The whites contribute to the strength of the crumb coat.  Try out artificial egg substitutes for baking if you have an allergy or can’t eat them
  • To check whether an egg is cooked or not, spin it! If it wobbles it’s raw, if it spins it’s cooked
  • Egg yolks are a naturally rich source of Vitamin D so great to give you happy vibes in the winter!
  • Dropped an egg on the floor and struggling to clean it up? Sprinkle it with salt to make clearing it up easier!

Random Egg facts

  • 40% of the world’s eggs are consumed in China
  • On average a hen lays approximately 250 eggs a year
  • The average human eats 173 eggs a year