Great news, the Great British Bake Off is back on Wednesday 5th August 8pm BBC One!

The Great British Bake Off 2015 Contestants

Here’s a quick round up of the contestants

(left to right) Ian, Alvin, Paul, Flora, Mat, Ugne, Tamal, Stu, Nadiya, Sandy, Marie, and Dorret

  1. Ian (41) a house husband photographer who only started baking a few years ago
  2. Alvin (37) a keen baker who bakes at least four times a week and is a perfectionist
  3. Paul (49) a prison officer who likes working with intricate designs and work
  4. Flora (19) the youngest contestant this year and comes from a family of bakers and is an art student
  5. Mat (37) a fireman who claims he’s a ‘competent amateur’ baker
  6. Ugne (32) as well as a baker she’s a body builder
  7. Tamal (29) a trainee anaesthetist who was taught to bake by his sister
  8. Stu (35) a singer who likes to experiment with middle eastern spices
  9. Nadiya (30) daughter of a restaurant owner and a full time mum
  10. Sandy (49) a child welfare officer who runs a baking club
  11. Marie (66) gained her passion of baking when she moved to Paris
  12. Dorret (53) an accountant by day she’s a foodie that likes to visit lots of restaurants for inspiration

Are you going to be watching?