With half term coming up next week for most schools it’s always a task thinking of what to do to keep the kids entertained for the week.  At least with Halloween coming up that creates a topic to focus on when crafting and baking but there are still lots of hours to fill to keep them entertained and not stuck in front of the tv.

There’s a kids baking ideas board with some great simple and more complex baking ideas

Kids Baking Ideas

We’ve also compiled a Pinterest board of craft ideas for the kids

Half Term Crafting Ideas Kids


Top Tips of baking with children

  • Keep it simple and look for one bowl recipes or recipes that don’t use the hob a lot
  • No cook bakes like tray bakes and crispy chocolate clusters are perfect
  • Make sure there is a decorating part of the baking, that’s the bit the kids like the most!
  • Expect a mess and encourage them to enjoy it but ensure that they’re aware of hygiene too so not too many licking of fingers or picking faces etc
  • Put aside enough time, things always take that much longer when kids are involved!