So you’ve got your cake business all set up.  You had a flurry of orders when you first started and now things have quietened down.  When you’re self employed and in business there will be busy and quiet times and it’s about managing that – both emotionally and financially!  It’s important to spread your income throughout the whole year so that you have income all year round and to cover the quiet times.  But also you need to make sure that you let the quiet times bog you down, it’s easy to do.  You don’t have orders, you start getting negative and then you loose your motivation and drive to get more business.  We’ve all done it so here are my top five tips on how to get more cake orders:

  1. Update your website and social media.  New photos are a great way to get customers engaged.  Use the down time to create new content
  2. Don’t get complacent.  When you have orders and you’re busy it’s easy to just get bogged down doing the day to day and forgetting about future orders.  Don’t!  Make sure you’re always setting time aside to market yourself to get orders for the future
  3. Try new marketing and promotional avenues.  If you’ve been advertising or posting on Facebook groups how about putting some flyers up or connecting with other business owners.  Change it up and see if that brings in new customers
  4. Try and entice old customers to come back to you or refer you to you new customers.  Offer a discount or a referral fee for their recommendations
  5. Look at what your competitors are doing – are they advertising in certain places? Doing something new, offering a new product.  Don’t copy but be inspired

If you’d like more cake business we have a number of different cake and cake business online classes.