Favourite Cake Decorating Tools

Do you have a favourite cake decorating tool that you can’t live without? Or maybe you’ve got a drawer full of tools and equipment that you’ve never used or don’t know how to use!?

I think we’ve all got something in our cake decorating box that we wonder ‘what does this do’ or ‘when did I buy this’ and to be honest it’s so hard to resist buying shiny new things when they pop up (especially when I go to cake shows!). But I’ve complied my top 5 tools that I can’t live without, so if you’re starting off….hold off buying hundreds of tools from ebay or multipacks as really you don’t need that much.

  1. Cranked Palette Knife – I use a 4.5 inch cranked palette knife for all my decorating, whether it’s big cakes or cupcakes. So useful and if you’ve been to a class you would have used one many times it’s such a multi tool – perfect for spreading, cutting, lifting and more!
  2. Non-stick rolling pin – this is actually two things (but I’m being cheeky!) and I’d recommend you have a small one (6 inches or there abouts) for small decorations and then a larger rolling pin (20 inches or more) for rolling out big pieces of sugarpaste for covering cakes. These rolling pins last a lifetime, are super smooth so they don’t leave marks on your paste and also non-stick so you don’t need to use any icing sugar to use them
  3. Ball tool – perfect for ruffling and thinning petals and decorations. You can use your small rolling pin for larger things like rose petals but a ball tool is perfect for smaller flowers and details. You can also use the smaller end to make indents like eyes or details on your decorations
  4. Side scraper – grab a metal side scraper and you’ll be able to have super smooth buttercream and ganache on your cakes. You can get them in different sizes (standard or large) depending on how tall your cakes are!
  5. Bellissimo Flexi Smoothers – there is nothing like them. The only thing that will help you get super sharp edges on your sugarpaste fondant as well as perfect for smoothing out your cakes

Do you have any cake decorating tools you can’t live without? Let me know!