Introducing our new online ultimate baking masterclass where I will show you how to make perfect cakes.  In the 27 page guide you’ll be shown what ingredients to use, how to use them, best equipment to use as well as recipes, over 15 flavour cake variations, our cake conversion guide so that you can make whatever cake size you want and more. In this downloadable guide I’ll share all my tips, tricks, recipes and know how to help you create the perfect cakes time and time again.  It includes:

  • Tips on what ingredients to use and where to buy them
  • Cake and cupcake recipes
  • Tips on getting flat top cupcakes & cakes
  • Tips on what cake tins to use and how to line them correctly
  • Equipment list
  • Over 15 flavour variations for your cakes and cupcakes
  • Buttercream recipes and over 15 flavour variations for your buttercream
  • Ganache recipes for both covering and drip cakes
  • Batch baking tips
  • Lots of information and tips to trouble shoot any issues you might have with your cakes
  • And lots more…

This downloadable guide is available immediately after purchase and can be purchased here