If you’re struggling to get the perfect buttercream to pipe or spread onto your cakes, here are a few top tips on achieving perfect, fluffy and smooth buttercream:

1. Room temperature butter: your butter must be at room temperature so that when you prod it with your finger it dents easily
2. Too hard? Too soft? You should be able to move your spoon around the buttercream easily but it should still hold itself when you scoop it up.  If it’s too hard add a drop of hot water (milk can turn sour) until it’s the right consistency.  Too soft and sloppy? Add some extra icing sugar
3. Keep it: Buttercream keeps for a few weeks in the fridge (as long as the butter is in date) or you can freeze it, so make it in batches and keep some for next time
4. Flavour it: The most popular flavouring is vanilla and we love Neilsen Massey Vanilla Extract but you can also add other flavours including melted chocolate, jams and curds or other extracts.

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