Stir Up Sunday 2015

Stir up Sunday is fast approaching so get your mixing bowls and aprons at the ready & gather the family in the kitchen!

What’s it all about?

Stir up Sunday is an old tradition where the Christmas pudding is made on the last Sunday before advent begins. This tradition originally comes from the bible ‘Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord.’, but it was popular during Victorian times. The reason for making the Christmas pudding this far in advance of the day itself is to allow it time to mature, resulting in a much tastier pudding. Stir up Sunday is a family occasion where parents teach their children how to make a Christmas pudding. Everyone takes it in turn to stir the mixture & make a special wish for the year ahead.

When is it this year?

This year it falls on November the 22nd and as it is also tradition to put a sixpence in the pudding, The Royal Mint are giving away 2,015 free lucky sixpences to encourage others to keep the tradition alive. So join in on the Stir up Sunday craze this year, it’s even trending on twitter with its own hashtag… #stirupsunday and don’t forget to tag us in to show us your creations as well as @RockBakehouse

Happy stir up Sunday!

And if you love someone more than Christmas Pudding you can buy them a card

I love you more than christmas pudding