Sugarpaste fondant creates a neat, smooth finish on your cakes but it can cause a lot of stress when using it.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you troubleshoot some issues you might have when using it.

  • Help my sugarpaste is too dry: Pre-coloured icing can be drier than white due to the colouring that has been added to it.  Also if you’ve left it out of the packet this can also dry it out or if you’ve used icing sugar when you’ve been using it – these things can dry out your paste!  If your icing is dry add a small amount of trex to it and work it into the paste and this should help revive it
  • Sugarpaste cracking: have you kneaded it enough?  You’d be surprised how long you need it for so make sure it’s pliable before you roll it out.  Also make sure that when you place it on your cake you work quickly and don’t let it hanging off the cake for too long
  • Sweaty or Sticky sugarpaste: have you added some colour to it?  Is it a hot day?  Or have you added any moisture like any water that was on your hands to it?  All these can make your paste sticky.  Leave your paste to ‘dry’ out slightly or add some cornflour to it
  • Elephant skin: Those wrinkles at the top your cake or around the corners is called elephant skin and generally happens when your icing has dried out.  Make sure that you knead it properly and work with it quickly.  You can try adding a little bit of trex to the elephant skin and then using a smoother to help iron out the creases
  • I’ve got really hot hands: If your hands are making the sugarpaste fondant sticky, put it aside and wash your hands under very cold water.  Dry them completely with a paper towel and then continue to work with it.  The weather can also play a part so make sure you’re working in a cool area.

If you’ve had any other issues just let us know and we can try help out!