What better way to say a big thank you to your fab teachers than by making these cute cupcakes? Follow our easy step by step tutorial to create your own in as easy as A,B,C

Teacher Thank You Apple Cupcake Topper

What you will need:

  • White flowerpaste, red and green sugarpaste paste.
  • Letter Tappits
  • Rolling Pin
  • Paint Brush
  • Edible Glue
  • Leaf Plunger
  • Circle Cutter

teacher thankyou 1


1. Roll out the red sugarpaste a couple of mm thick and using the circle cutter cut out a circle to make the apple. Then using the same cutter, cut out a small bit from the bottom of the circle. Next turn over the cutter and use the fluted edge to cut out a chunk from the top right of the circle (this will look like bite marks!). Leave to dry.

teacher ty pic 2



2. Now roll out the green sugarpaste and use the leaf plunger to cut out a leaf. When the paste is in the plunger if you place it on the work surface and press the plunger down a few times it will imprint the veins on the leaf. Pinch the leaf gently at the tip to give it a curved shape and leave to dry.

teacher ty 3



3. Roll out the white flowerpaste thinly (aprox 1mm thick) and use the letter tappits to cut out ‘Aa Bb Cc’.  Now using a paint brush and a small bit of edible glue, stick the white letters and leaf onto the red apple.

Teacher Thank You Apple Cupcake Topper


4. To finish your cupcake simply pipe a swirl and place the apple on top.


Happy baking!