If you’re bored of the 9 to 5 or want to start something up and have a passion for cake decorating, running a cake business from home is a good way to start.  Being self employed has lots of perks but it’s also not all sugar roses.  You’ll work harder than ever, have less social time and your work/life and home balance will be affected greatly but it’s also very rewarding.

Here are my top three tips on things to do before you start your cake business:

1. Make sure you have the necessary skills needed: Make sure that your cake decorating skills are up to scratch, perfect anything that you’re not too confident in and practice, practice, practice.  You don’t want to start a business not being able to price properly and undercharging as ‘you’re just starting’.

2. Get your pricing finalised before you start: Make sure that you price up all your basics cakes and cupcakes and know your hourly rate so that you don’t undercharge.  Ensure you include all your expenses including ingredients as well as electricity, gas etc plus your hourly rate.  By having the price of a basic cake it’s much easier to then add further costs for extra decorations meaning you won’t undersell yourself.

3. Make sure everyone is on board: Your partner, children, parents etc may not be baking for you but you’ll need support from them emotionally and financially.  Your home will become overrun with cakes and you’ll end up working evenings and weekends so if you haven’t got support or help from those around you it won’t be fun.  Make sure those you live with are happy for you to run your business from home as any disagreements can make your life difficult.

If you’d like to start your own cake business and unsure where to start or you just need some guidance we run a ‘starting a cake business from home’ class which will help you on your way.

Check out our timetable for next dates: www.rockbakehouse.co.uk/london-cake-classes