Why do cupcake cases peel

This is one of the most common complaints from people who make cupcakes, you can be using the same brand of cases for years and the suddenly they start peeling one day.  Unfortunately there isn’t a simple solution or answer to this problem.  But here are our top tips to try and help you avoid this problem.

  • Don’t store them in a plastic container or sealed tin.  This makes your cake sweat and normally ends up making your cases peel off.  Store your cupcakes in cupcake boxes which allow air to circulate (with a lid but nothing sealed) or place them in a box with kitchen paper but don’t seal the lid
  • Make sure you put enough batter in your cases.  If you haven’t got enough batter (no less than half the way up) there won’t be enough cake batter to stick to the case
  • Don’t over beat your cake batter.  For those that have seen us make cupcakes you’ll notice that we don’t mix the mixture for long, over beating will make you over work the flour and make your cakes tough and shrink in the oven which makes them come away from the sides
  • Make sure that your cakes aren’t too fat heavy.  If there is too much butter or oil in your cake mixture it will make the cakes greasy, cases greasy and then cases peeling
  • Don’t leave your cupcakes in the tins too long once they’re out of the oven.  If they’re left too long the heat from the cupcakes will steam the cases and make them damp
  • Make sure your cakes are cooked fully, if they’re a little bit out (and that doesn’t mean they’ll be raw) it may make the cases peel
  • Use good quality cases that are thick and hold their shape well

Hope these help.  If you have any tips get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.