ONLINE VIDEO Baking Masterclass & Cake Pricing Guide Bundle




Enjoy our best selling online classes in one handy bundle – heaps of advice and guidance about baking, buttercream and how to price your cakes.  You’ll get the baking masterclass and our cake pricing class all together.  The 2 guides cost £54 separately but as a bundle you get them all for just £49.   You will also be able to join our exclusive cake business community Facebook group.


Our ultimate baking masterclass will show you how to make perfect cakes.  In the 27 page guide you’ll be shown what ingredients to use, how to use them, best equipment to use as well as recipes, over 15 flavour cake variations, our cake conversion guide so that you can make whatever cake size you want and more. In this downloadable guide I’ll share all my tips, tricks, recipes and know how to help you create the perfect cakes time and time again.

VIDEO Pricing Your Cakes Guide

Are you struggling on how to price your cakes correctly? Have no idea where to even start? Are you a cake business owner and making lots of cakes but not making any money?  Don’t panic, it’s not too late to start pricing your cakes correctly and make money making cakes.  When I first started although I had a rough pricing structure in place and knew what costs were involved when making a cake when I was quoting for cakes I still used to pluck a number out of the sky or do a rough estimate of what the cost would be.

I’ll go through everything you need to know

  • how to work out how to price your cakes properly
  • what you need to include when pricing cakes
  • we’ll go through how to calculate your basic costings
  • how to calculate your expenses and bills
  • how to determine your hourly rate
  • how to make money making cakes
  • how to determine what price is right for your cakes and the area you live in

You’ll get instant access to the materials and videos for you to enjoy, watch and use over and over again.

*Please note that ALL tutorials are non-refundable.  Please ensure you have purchased the correct tutorial as under no circumstances due to the downloadable nature of the product refunds will not be permitted*



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