Ganache Recipe Guide



This chocolate ganache guide will help you know how much ganache you need per cake. Chocolate ganache is the perfect covering for your cake, whether you’re looking to do sharp edges or just a chocolate cake, our guide will help you with the perfect recipe, tips and tricks and a guide on how much ganache you need for different cake sizes.

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Looking for more guides to help you? If you’d like to purchase our complete cake decorating guide which includes our ganache guide as well as our, how much buttercream do I need guide (recipe and tips and tricks on the perfect buttercream), Cake conversion guide (be able to amend any recipes for the tin size of your choice), Cake cutting / portion guide (know how much each cake size feeds), Ganache Guide (recipe and tips and tricks on the perfect chocolate ganache, Sugarpaste fondant Guide (guide to show you how much sugarpaste fondant you need to cover your cakes) you can click here

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