Printable Cake Information Sheet



If you take orders, having a cake information sheet is really important to provide information about the cake and protect yourself once the cake has been picked up or delivered to the customer.  A cake information sheet provides information about the cake, how to store it, any allergies for people to aware of and any further information about the cake.  Two copies are to be provided (one for the customer to keep and one for yourself the business).  The form is to be signed by the customer (or a representative at a venue) to ensure that they’re happy with the cake on pick up / delivery.  This form acts as an insurance so that if the cake is stored incorrectly and spoils or if the customer doesn’t drive with due care and the cake is ruined in transit, you’re not liable.

The pages are A4, however your PDF viewer should be able to scale them to fit your desired paper size.

Just download the file for you to keep and use as many times as you need.

Please note that ALL tutorials are non-refundable.  Please ensure you have purchased the correct tutorial as under no circumstances due to the downloadable nature of the product refunds will not be permitted


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