I get asked a lot what I would recommend, a stand along or a hand held mixer, to get the best bakes and to be honest there isn’t one that is perfect.  However, something to remember is that any type of equipment takes time to get used to so whatever you choose it’s worth noting that you might need to adapt a recipe’s instructions to the mixer you’re using.

Kitchen Aid

Stand Alone – Kitchen Aid, Kenwood etc


Hands Free: Just put everything in the mixer and turn it on.  You’ll be free to carry on weighing out the rest of your ingredients whilst your mixer does all the work!

Light and Fluffy: It’s much easier to just let your mixer do all the work without getting arm ache.  It also means that you mix your mixture as long as required rather than stopping early as you’re tired

Sturdy and last a lifetime: These mixers are work horses and they are built to last so they’re a great investment

Mixing evenly: Generally the mixer will mix your batter evenly around the bowl

Attachments: You can buy lots of different attachments for your mixer to get the most uses out of it including peelers, choppers, sausage makers, pasta makers and ice cream makers to name a few!

Appearance: You can’t deny that they look good!


Cost: Yes they’re a big financial investment and the cost is prohibitive for many.  It’s worth saving up for one as they do last a lifetime

Space: They take up a lot of room and tend to be very heavy so ideally they need to live on your worktop / workspace

Clean Up: They get pretty messy and can be tricky to clean especially in all the nooks and crannies!

Hand Held Mixer

Hand Held


Cheap: You can get a hand held mixer for under £10 so if you’re on a budget or just testing out much you’re actually going to bake they’re a great way to start

Handy: They’re really useful when you’re just mixing a small amount of batter or mix especially when you don’t want to get lots of equipment dirty

Easy to store: They’re small and can easily be put away in a cupboard without taking up much room

Back Up: They’re the perfect back up if you need to quickly whip something up or you need to travel with it


Lifespan: They have a tendency to break if used too much so if you’re doing a lot of baking it might not be the best investment

Tied to it: When it’s in use you need to be holding it so you can’t multi task and do other things

Messy: If you lift it up the wrong way the chances are you’ll make your batter go all over your kitchen

Sore Arm: You’re bound to get a sore arm if you’re mixing for a long time and will no doubt not mix your batter enough as you’ll get bored of mixing!!